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meet Alberta’s 2012 Norm McLeod self-advocacy award winner

Marianne Kroetsch has made a lasting impression on thousands in the community, through her warmth and enthusiasm, as she helps other families who are part of the Connections family and helps to teach budding social workers.
Marianne has been brave and articulate, sharing her personal story trying to parent with FASD to social work students at University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

Many years after speaking in front of students, we encounter professional social workers who chose to work in the disabilities sector because of how they were touched by Marianne’s experience.


Marianne also took the lead on a project to welcome Connections families to participate as a community. Connections hosts potluck dinners and Marianne has organized and acted as host on behalf of Connections. Marianne’s ideas to encourage attendance and make families comfortable ensured the potluck was enjoyed by all. Marianne reached out of her comfort zone to ensure all of the guests were comfortable and enjoying themselves. Because of the event’s success, Connections began hosting regular potluck dinners, ensuring our client families build bonds and connect with other in the community.