Get involved

Connections is a grassroots organization that started with three people, a kitchen table, no funding, but with the inspiration to find ways to help adults with developmental disabilities who chose to start a family.
Connections’ start was at a point of recognition that people with disabilities should be able to choose to have the same roles in the community as anyone else. It was just as important to offer people choices in support and services that worked for them.
As a grassroots and family-oriented organization, we welcome – and depend on! – support from individuals, families and corporations to respond to the many and varied needs of the families we help.

We welcome donations and volunteering so these families are successful, maintaining a safe and nurturing home for their children.

November 2020 update: We’re pleased to report that our team of Parenting Skills educators/social workers and Financial Coach were able to provide supports throughout the pandemic shutdown and as the community re-opened. Pandemic protocols will continue to limit group activities, but we have projects and opportunities for our friends and supporters:

  • Christmas hampers, gifts and support: Perfect for families and small groups, we welcome donated, new items or collected goods for Christmas hampers. We tailor donations for specific families and needs, so please contact if you’d like to help. 
  • Office and systems support: As we all return to the office setting, but with more protocols, we’ll have limited need for occasional support, both skilled and unskilled. If you are looking for a way to stay busy and with purpose, consider providing 2 half-days a week, or one full day a week – a regular, committed block of time would be perfect and make a big difference. Contact
  • At other times of the year, we have special projects that need donations and support so that we can cover needs and nice-to-haves for over 100 families we support. These projects come up a few times a year and are perfect for a Book Club, service group, extended family or small business to take on and know that your support has made a meaningful, tangible difference. Let us know if this is appealing!

Thank you for recognizing that we all find parenting hard – and families with cognitive disabilities just need a bit of help to be successful.