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Parents with learning challenges love their children like anyone else. They just need a bit of support to be successful.

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We support parents who have a cognitive challenge. We’ve developed parenting skills education and family support that help adults who have a developmental disability, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or brain injury be successful parents.

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In-Home Support For Parents

Children want to be with their Mom and Dad. Connections supports families to stay together.

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For 24+ years our services have successfully supported parents with cognitive challenges (developmental disability, brain injury or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).

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Families we support can parent successfully. Love is not dependent on IQ.

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There are few resources for parents with cognitive challenges. As the only agency in Western Canada focused on these parents – we’re sharing our expertise to increase the community’s capacity to help.

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Connections partners with the Rogers Birdies for Kids program by AltaLink. This program is designed to help raise new funds for local charities, engage the community in the professional golf tournament, and provide matching funds for each charity involved. DONATE NOW.


Parenting is hard.
For parents who are atypical learners, parenting can be even harder. Connections has 30 years of experience supporting parents with cognitive challenges (developmental disability, brain injury or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) with proven-successful services.

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Parenting – it’s a topic with perhaps the strongest held, personal views.
We all want to be the best parent we can be and we are all inundated with information about parenting – not always wanted!  We are sharing our best resources for respectfully and effectively helping people parent well.