family and group program

Connections’ group program serves two purposes. The first is to support families to be more resilient by offering them an opportunity to be with other families. These group settings are important for parents who have grown up feeling unwelcome or uncomfortable in the community, leading to being isolated. Making friends with other Connections’ families increases resilience as those friendships turn into natural supports.

Connections group program also allows us to invite parents and families who are on our waiting list or who are no longer active in our In-Home program to stay connected with us and the many friends they have developed at Connections.

We provide regular and frequent opportunities to connect.  Workshops cover topics of interest (budgeting, cooking and nutrition, healthy relationships, outdoor play, internet and other safety topics, etc.) and social events (picnics, Christmas Party, potluck) to improve the quality of family and community life. We host most programs at our 16th Avenue NW office, across from North Hill Centre and near the Lions Park LRT station, or at venues or sites that are easily accessed by transit. (Check out volunteer opportunities if you’d like to help out!)

Parent-Child Mother Goose is a program we offer at two community sites with different agency partners where moms, dads, or other caregivers bring their children (aged newborn to 4 years) and meet with other parents and children from their community to learn rhymes, songs, and stories. Parents develop skills like:
•    helping calm upset children
•    building strong bonds between parent and child
•    having fun and playing with their children