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Parenting – it’s a topic with perhaps the strongest held, personal views. We all want to be the best parent we can be and we are all inundated with information about parenting — do’s and don’t’s and all kinds of advice, sometimes unwanted and unsolicited.

It’s really difficult to put our personal opinions aside to help others with parenting in a way that is not judgmental but is most effective for them. This is especially true for parents who have learning challenges – like developmental disability, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or brain injury. These are parents who can be effective parents but they will likely need some support. The support they need has to work for them.

Connections has 24+ years experience providing supports to parents with cognitive challenges. We get to see parents develop wonderful parenting skills and raise healthy, nurtured children who realize their full potential.

These parents love their kids – and the kids love their parents.

There are so few resources for parents with cognitive challenges that Connections – the only agency in western Canada focused on these parents – is sharing our expertise and experience on this website to increase the community’s capacity to support these families. Check out the resources listed in the menu to learn more.