25th Anniversary present delivered by grateful aunt

Connections received a visit today from Del Proctor and her daughter, Chelsea. Together, they arranged the donation of 10 Baby Brezza Formula Pro makers for us to donate to new moms we support. Del and Chelsea are the aunt and cousin to a woman who has been a client of Connections for over 10 years. Del has often expressed her appreciation of Connections and, inspired by Connections’ 25th anniversary, she decided to make a difference for others.

“Over the years I have noticed a very special quality of the Connections staff. No one looks at their family as a client that needs support or help. In their lives, you treat them as you would your own family,” noted Del.

Del continued, “It doesn’t matter what the genes say, in your hearts your clients are your sons, daughters and grandchildren. As one of your families that feels the love, caring and respect from each of you at Connections, we feel very privileged to be part of this special family.”

Through our 25 years of history, we have often seen parents with cognitive challenges struggle with the instructions for mixing formula and, like all parents, worried about feeding their baby correctly. Sometimes, this has been used as a reason to take the baby away from the family.

We are excited to provide the formula makers to our families. Easy to use and with pictoral instructions, the formula maker will give our families one less thing to worry about.

Connections is a non profit and supported 109 families in 2014 in Calgary and area. The parents we support love their kids like anyone else; they just need a bit of support to be successful. A 25th Anniversary Family Dinner fundraiser will take place on Sunday, September 20.

For more information, contact Erin Waite at 403 209-1100.