Year: 2020

Connections doesn’t miss a beat: Supports 109 families in April 2020

Connections reached a remarkable milestone in April – 30 years of supporting families in which a parent has a cognitive challenge. Like many non profits, Connections began at a kitchen table responding to a new need. Adults with cognitive challenges were beginning to live independently in the community, choosing to be married and have children, yet were having their children taken away. With just a little bit of… Read More

Connections shares expertise for Alberta Government policy brief – RDSPs

Connections’ Financial Coach program hit the ground running four years ago and has made a difference in the financial well-being of over a hundred families. The families Connections, and our Financial Coach, support include a parent with a cognitive challenge. These are parents who love their kids, just like anyone else, but they need a bit of support to be successful.  Connections’ Financial Coach helps families… Read More