Connections shares expertise for Alberta Government policy brief – RDSPs

Connections’ Financial Coach program hit the ground running four years ago and has made a difference in the financial well-being of over a hundred families. The families Connections, and our Financial Coach, support include a parent with a cognitive challenge. These are parents who love their kids, just like anyone else, but they need a bit of support to be successful. 

Connections’ Financial Coach helps families access benefits and credits put in place to help them. Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP) are an important benefit available to parents Connections supports. The Alberta Government has a goal of improving uptake of RDSP benefits and Connections is contributing its expertise.

policy brief to support the Alberta Government’s goal was developed by a number of financial empowerment/poverty reduction agencies that collaborate and share resources to bettter serve Calgarians. Connecttions was pleased to partner on this initiative.

Our 30 years of experience with parents who have cognitive challenges, combined with expertise applying for the Disability Tax Credit and opening RDSPs, will hopefully lead to increased uptake of this important benefit. 

Connections is grateful to the City of Calgary for FCSS funding for the Finanical Coach program and to First Calgary Financial for the matched savings donation. Strengthening families and helping parents manage safe and nurturing homes for their children is an important way to strengthen our Calgary community.

For more information, contact Erin Waite, Agency Director, telephone: 403 804-6100 or