Christmas! From your family to families in need

If you’d like to adopt a family, please contact Connections — or 403 209-1100 — and we’ll match you up with a family. There are many other ways to help our families and any size of donation makes a big difference. The donations that help the most are small denomination gift cards to stores like Walmart or Superstore. Transit passes are also terrific to help our families, particularly to take part in Connections Family Christmas Party and other Family Group programs. Gift cards and transit passes allow us to share support far and wide — providing support to families where it is needed most.

Here’s a way for you to help spread the cheer: please take a moment to download and print our Christmas Donations Letter and post it in your staff lunchroom, at a school or church — anywhere that others might see it and be inspired to join us in helping families in need have a wonderful Christmas season with a break from the daily stress of living in poverty.

For more information or to find out how to donate or volunteer with Connections, please call 403 209-1100.