our team

Eunice Bawah, Executive Director
Lauren Raymore, Program Director and Founder
Carrie Lawson, Team Leader
Tracy Collyer, Team Leader and In-Home Family Support
Katey Norton, Administrative & Family Engagement Coordinator
Kyle Kusche, Receptionist 

In-Home Family Support Team
Donna Cashin
Tracy Collyer
Tanya Corbett
Terry-Mae Hepburn
Nicole Jones
Gareth Fields
Mercedes Lee
Shaylene Lickers
Selina Valencia
Patti Wright
Marta Markiewicz
Jenn Byers
Cliff Carlson

Financial Coach Program
Doug Jarrett, Financial Coaching Program Manager
Linda Hazzard, Financial Coach
Krista Muschanov, Financial Coach

Melanie MacPherson
Zen Sajan-Ladhani