a friend to depend on can be key to family stability

Alice and Audrey were good friends when they were in school. Unfortunately Alice moved and the two of the lost touch. It wasn’t until years later at our Connections Family Camp that the two were re-united.

Alice was a mother now and Children’s Services had flagged her as needing supports. She was introduced to Connections and while she was participating in her visits she was initially wary of Connections involvement as it felt like more social workers in her life.

Audrey had been with Connections for a few years at this point was very engaged in the agency and all of the workers. When she re-connected with Alice she was able to tell Alice how Connections helped her and the supports that she received benefitted her. Alice bought in to Connections almost immediately after that and was able to have Children’s Services close her file. After that, Alice continued on with Connections and Alice and Audrey now run the Connections family potlucks together.

A few years later the two of them are still good friends and Alice had to go in for a surgery. Audrey stayed in Alice’s home to help with the family while she recovered. The two consistently use one another as supports when they need a little extra help but most of the time you will find the two together giggling about something.